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Global MDG Conference - Register or Design a Poster


Making the MDGs Work: From Advocacy through Implementation to Acceleration and Beyond

Bogotá, Colombia – 27-28 February 2013


 The year 2013 is a defining moment in the MDG timeline, especially for UNDP and development partners. This is the reason why UNDP is convening a Global MDG Conference (GMC) to bring together MDG experts, practitioners and lead thinkers from government, academia, CSOs, UNDP and other UN/development agencies, who will actively exchange their views, knowledge and evidence that has been built up on areas of relevance to the MDGs over the years.
The 2013 Global MDG Conference
The 2013 GMC: “Making the MDGs Work – From Advocacy through Implementation to Acceleration and Beyond” will be held in Bogotá, Colombia from 27 to 28 February 2013.  The conference is expected to further maintain momentum towards the MDGs while also allowing for reflection on the lessons learned from the countries’ own experience that will be useful for a development agenda beyond 2015.
Day 1 will focus on MDG breakthroughs and on practical measures to accelerate progress.  It will also feature an MDG Expo, which will showcase the catalytic contributions of UNDP around the globe to support countries to achieve and accelerate MDG progress.
Day 2 will be dedicated to a discussion on how the MDG agenda was adopted and/or adapted at the country level, measuring gaps and inequalities, monitoring progress, and the lessons learned as well as the unfinished business of the MDGs that will influence a new global agenda beyond 2015.
Pre-Registration and Call for Posters
The Pre-Registration and the Call for Posters for the 2013 GMC is now open until 10 February 2013.  We look forward to you being able to join and contribute towards this important meeting.
All those UNDP Staff interested in pre-registering for the Conference are invited to contribute two MDG posters which will be displayed during the conference.
Additionally, UNDP Staff unable to attend the conference for various reasons, but that are interested to contribute towards the MDG Expo, are invited and encouraged to make a submission as their contribution will be made available to all parts of the organization, including UNDP’s corporate website and Teamworks.
Guidance for Posters Submission All poster submissions should follow the general guidance provided below:


  • Poster 1 will focus on the unfinished business of the MDGs’: It will highlight the MDG areas where progress is off-track; the accelerated efforts that may be required; and, in particular, what could UNDP do more to support the country, its Government and civil society?
  • Poster 2 will focus on ‘star initiatives’: It will highlight initiatives, programmes/projects, that have been successful to accelerate MDG achievement. The criteria to judge ‘star initiative’ is based on scalability and replicability – initiatives that have gone beyond a pilot project and that influence national or sub-national public policy (i.e. Brazil’s Bolsa Familia; India’s National Rural Employment Guarantee Act; One Lap Top per Child in Uruguay etc). In particular, this poster will look at UNDP’s specific contribution/role played and results achieved.        
Pre-registration form and contributed posters, along with pictures, should be sent no later than 10 February 2013, using the documents below, GMC AT undp DOT org (Contributed posters can be submitted in English, French and/or Spanish). The conference organizers are responsible for preparing the design of the posters into a standard template, which will be available at the Conference site in printed form and at the UNDP corporate web site.
The language of the conference will be English – with French and Spanish simultaneous interpretation being offered based on demand.
General enquiries concerning the meeting should be sent to this address