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Individuals and groups that wish to assist relief and humanitarian efforts are encouraged to support Japanese organisations that have local expertise. 

In-kind donations are discouraged as they may strain the limited distribution resources of relief groups on the ground.  Financial donations may be made to the Japan Platform (JPF) or a relief fund operated by JANIC, the Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation.

Japan Platform (JPF)

JPF is an international emergency humanitarian aid organization made up of a consortium of 32 Japanese NGOs, the business community, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.Japan Platform (JPF) is taking action for emergency assistance for the victims of North-East Japan earthquake and tsunami that occurred on March 11.

Donations may be made directly from the JPF website.

JANIC Relief Fund J

apanese NGOs are taking emergency action to assist the victims of the 11 March 2011 North-East Japan earthquake and tsunami. JANIC, a network organization of Japanese civil society groups, has established a pooled fund to aid these efforts. At least 27 NGOs, which are JANIC members, are working on disaster releif. The JANIC Relief Fund is accepting contributions to support these activities.

Additional Information, including bank transfer details, can be found on this english-language page of the JANIC website.


Read GCAP's solidarity statement to the people of Japan and details on how to donate, by clicking here