Climate Justice Hearings


Recognising that climate and poverty are intrinsically linked, GCAP campaigners are committed to keeping the importance of poverty reduction at the forefront of the debate on climate change.

Between October and December 2009 a series of Climate Justice Hearings and Women and Climate Change Tribunals were organised by GCAP and its Feminist Task Force in 19 countries across the world. The aim of these hearings was to allow those who have been impacted by climate change to share their stories, voice their concerns, and to demand a space in the policy debate around climate justice.

The testimonies that emerged from these hearings exposed the very real impact of climate change on the lives of millions of people all over the world.

During the Climate Change and Poverty hearings and Women and Climate Change Tribunals, many of the participants stated that their experience of meeting others and learning of the affects of climate change in other communities was enriching and empowering and lead to strong desire for continued action and coordination.




The Coalition was initially a platform which came together spontaneously in Copenhagen during COP15 representing the resolve that grassroots communities must be the protagonists and not the exhibits of the global debate on climate change. A declaration was launched by the Coalition and signed on to by a wide range of communities from Africa, Latin America and Asia.

All signing organizations expressed a strong interest in transforming this spontaneous platform into a permanent coalition to bring together climate communities at national, regional and international level to share experiences, develop a unified voice and concrete policy demands on poverty and climate change , and to link into the global debate in particular through civil society movements such as the Global Campaign for Climate Action (GCCA).

In agreement with the spirit of the declaration, GCAP decided to support the development of a “Coalition of Climate Communities” An event to officially launch the coalition was held during the People´s World Summit on Climate Change in Bolivia in April 2010 and a follow up Forum of Communities Affected by Climate change was held in Mexico City on the eve of COP17.


Download & Read the Declaration launched by the Coalitions 

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