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G20 - Opportunities for Civil Society Input

For the first time in the history of the G20, it appears there is a formal process for civil society to provide inputs before decisions are taken. Previous meetings with sherpas have tended to be at the conclusion of one of their preparatory meetings.

GCAP and its constituents have been actively engaged in G8 and G20 processes, from pressing for more inclusive representation to advocating for better outcomes.

Russia is the chair of the 2013 G20 and the leaders' summit will be on 5 - 6 September in St. Petersburg. 

Here are several documents - some in draft form - prepared by civil society activists:

Respect the Right to Health! ~ GCAP Bolivia

"The challenge for all is to end poverty, not just reduce it," writes Oscar Lanza of GCAP Bolivia in a report entitled "Justica, Salud & Desarrollo" or "Justice, Health and Development" . 

Citizens need to work together to build a more just, more equitable and less commercial world, argues the anti-poverty activist.  And as we put forward a new development framework to succeed the Millennium Development Goals, it's essential that people's health be front and centre.

"Let's worry more about the health of people than the health of the economy," adds Oscar.

MY World - A Survey about Post 2015 Priorities


The United Nations has teamed up with GCAP, youth groups, private sector bodies and other NGO partners to launch MY World, an online poll to ask people everywhere about the issues that make the most difference to their lives.

Post 2015 - Making Sense of The Process

By Caitlin Blaser

The global discussion on MDG achievement is looking ahead to a post 2015 development framework. But engaging in this conversation can be confusing and frustrating due to seemingly overlapping debates, dialogues and engagements.

Round Table Discussion on Links Between Rio and Post-2015 Process to be Held in New York This Week

The United Nations Millennium Campaign and Beyond 2015 invite you to a rountable event on the links between Rio+20 and the post-2015 development process this Thursday in New York City.

The event will be held at the United Nations Church Center on the 11th Floor from 10am to 12 noon.

Post-MDG Intel and Updates From CAFOD

This is a blog post from Serpents and Doves, the CAFOD Policy team blog providing some great succinct insigh
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