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Gender Issues Absent from the LDC Agenda

On 8th May 2011, GCAP Ambassador, Adelaide Sosseh, presented, "From Istanbul to Busan; Placing MDGs in the Heart of Busan", on behalf of GCAP Korea.  

The intended message of the presentation was to communicate the following:


Least Developed Countries Conference

Food Vulnerabilities in the LDCs

Blog written by Andrea Solazzo, Feminist Task Force

Silencing Dissent in Malawi – Civil Society Remains Firm

On 08 April, GCAP Malawi Ambassador and director of the National Organisation of Nurses and Midwives, Dorothy Ngoma was forced to flee her home in the nation’s capital Lilongwe.

Blog written by Fionuala Cregan

The Absent Debate - Elections in Peru

Election Campaigning in Peru-

Poverty & Inequality Absent from the Agenda

Blog written by Fionuala Cregan

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