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This is a press release issued by GCAP.

15-Million To Take Action for A Better World


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15-Million To Take Action for A Better World



Millions of women, men and children from more than sixty countries are taking to the streets, markets, workplaces and online throughout the month of May to demand that world leaders take ambitious actions this year to end poverty, inequalities and climate change.

Some 15 million people from every region of the world are expected to participate in the action/2015 May Month of Action -- which is being coordinated by World Vision and the Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) -- united by an overarching call to the world's nations to adopt ambitious anti-poverty and climate agendas at two major forthcoming UN summits.

The month of May was chosen for this mass display of People Power because governments are right now negotiating the texts that will be adopted at the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Summit in September and the COP21 climate negotiations in December.

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Threats to Civil Society Space - Joint Statement from the G20 Civil Summit in Russia

The June G20 Civil Summit in Moscow was held amidst an atmosphere of shrinking space for civil society, both in Russia and around the world.  GCAP and a number of its constituents worked with other civil society organisations to issue the following Media Release, in English and Russian, condemning actions that limit civil society work and calling for genuine and committed engagement by the G20 with civil society.

Charity Workers Kidnapped in Pakistan



GCAP South Africa Calls for Action in Botswana

Botswana: Mounting Tension Must End

Says South African Civil Society Coalition 



Johannesburg 27 May 2011

“Place Human Rights, Peace and Human Security at the centre of your policies”



“Place Human Rights, Peace and Human Security at the centre of your policies”

Global Civil Society Leaders Tell the G8


Civil Society Stands in Solidarity with People of Swaziland

International Solidarity Forum Press Statement

Civil Society stands in solidarity with people of Swaziland Johannesburg

20 April 2011

International and South African civil society groups strongly condemn the brutal crackdown by Swaziland security forces on anti-government protestors.