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GCAP has joined with more than 110 other civil society networks and organisations to call for a peaceful resolution to the violence in Syria.

Three years after a brutal crackdown and civil war have forced 9 million Syrians - some 40% of the country's population - from their homes and killed at least 100,000 more, civil society activists across the globe held #withSyria peace vigils to show their support for the Syrian people.

From Za'atari - the largest Syrian refugee camp in Jordan - to New York, Khartoum, Hong Kong, Nairobi, Melbourne and London's Trafalgar Square, people lit candles, uploaded photos and released red balloons, a symbol of 'There is Always Hope' popularised by the British graffiti artist, Banksy.

Ending Poverty through Peace and Human Security: A View from the Arab Region

Over the past decade, many countries in the Arab Region have experienced good economic growth rates and some have even posted positive indicators for health, education and decreasing poverty. But key issues - inequality, jobs for our youth, peace and human security - are not being addressed. If we are to truly end poverty, it is imperative that the Post 2015 agenda include clear commitments on these issues, writes Ziad Abdel Samad.

Washington Peace Letter Features GCAP Global Council Co-Chair, Marta Benavides

The Washington Peace Center presents their latest Peace Letter issue titled the "20 Years of the U.S. in Iraq" featuring an article by GCAP Global Council Co-Chair, Marta Benavides:


Bahrain: Urgent ITUC Mission Warns of Slide into Dictatorship

ITUC Deputy General Secretary Jaap Wienen, on an urgent visit to the Bahrain’s capital Manama, has pledged a comprehensive package of international actions in support of the fundamental rights of Bahrain’s working people, as the trade union movement in the Gulf country faces and all-out assault from the government.


Statement of Solidarity: Supporting Peoples of the Arab region, Human Rights Activists and Defenders

Statement of Solidarity

With the Peoples of the Arab region, Human Rights Activists and Defenders

The Arab region is witnessing massive protests in various countries claiming the long quest of the citizens for a new relationship between state and the citizen that builds on promotion, protection and respect to their fundamental freedoms and human rights, establishment and active participation in democratic governance, that overcomes corruption, nepotism, lack of accountability and transparency.

GCAP Yemen Presents Activities Report

GCAP Yemen submits a report about the activities of the campaign through from 17-19 October 2010.