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Moving for Peace & Justice amidst Violence & Insecurity: This is our life in Afghanistan

By Raz Dalili

On an otherwise ordinary Tuesday in early January, an Afghani man in his mid-30s was in the courtyard outside his house in the eastern part of the country, towards the border with Iran. He heard fighting far away, but his village seemed calm. Then, a mortar flew over his walls and exploded.

"It destroyed my house and wounded 11 members of my family," he later told told an interviewer from the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan. Four of his children were seriously injured.

Peace and security are not abstract concepts in my country. Every day, every single day, people are killed and maimed, homes destroyed, livelihoods ruined by this war that does not end.

During the first six months of the year, the UN documented 4,853 civilian casualites, including more than 1560 deaths. The UN mid-year report notes that this is a 24% increase from a year earlier. But statistics do not convey the impact that insecurity and fear have on our lives.

Let me share with you two more stories.

A Message for the G20's Five Asian Members

The constituents of GCAP Asia and the Asia Development Alliance have sent a clear message to the five Asian members of the G20:  it's time to step up to ensure that equality and equity are pillars of growth and development and that corruption has no place in our nations or communities.  The joint letter, which was drafted at the G20 Civil Summit, is being presented to political leaders and the G20 'sherpas' (government negotiators) from China, India, Indonesia, Korea and Japan.

GCAP Asia and the ADA at the G20 Civil Summit

Washington Peace Letter Features GCAP Global Council Co-Chair, Marta Benavides

The Washington Peace Center presents their latest Peace Letter issue titled the "20 Years of the U.S. in Iraq" featuring an article by GCAP Global Council Co-Chair, Marta Benavides:


Nigeria’s plan to privatize power grid a step in the right direction

Great news on the transparency and corruption front: Nigerian President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan recently announced a multibillion dollar plan that would help repair and privatize the country’s corrupt national power grid.


Bono discusses AIDS, polio and fighting corruption with Russian President Medvedev

Last week, Bono met with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev while U2 was touring in Moscow. Russia recently reported its first polio case in thirteen years, and continues to experience high rates of HIV among certain marginalized populations.
Increased political leadership and funding from Russia is important for its own needs and to address these major health challenges globally.


Thanking Senator Dodd

dodd71610Just a few hours after the exciting announcement that the Cardin-Lugar Transparency amendment had passed the Senate, I was walking by the Capitol when I ran into none other than the Chairman of Senate Banking Committee himself, Senator Chris Dodd!