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G20 Updates and Consulations

The Civil G20 (C20) is asking for input on several G20 topics, including infrastructure, climate financing, education and growth.  The deadline though is 12 March.  

Below are links and information from the C20 Secretariat as well as a number of resources that we hope you find useful, including analysis, calenders, dossiers about the B20 and L20 and more.

From the C20

On the C20 Conversations site, you can help shape civil society’s recommendations to the G20 for a more inclusive and sustainable global economy.

The second round of discussion topics is now open for comment until Wednesday 12 March:

A Message for the G20's Five Asian Members

The constituents of GCAP Asia and the Asia Development Alliance have sent a clear message to the five Asian members of the G20:  it's time to step up to ensure that equality and equity are pillars of growth and development and that corruption has no place in our nations or communities.  The joint letter, which was drafted at the G20 Civil Summit, is being presented to political leaders and the G20 'sherpas' (government negotiators) from China, India, Indonesia, Korea and Japan.

GCAP Asia and the ADA at the G20 Civil Summit

The G20's 'Financing for Investment' must not leave Sustainable Development behind

“Financing for Investment” -- a new catchphrase for generating long-term finance primarily for huge, cross-border Public Private Partnerships in infrastructure -- is quickly becoming a centrepiece of the G20's agenda and will feature prominently in this year's G20 meetings.

In much of the world, writes Nancy Alexander, infrastructure investment is desperately needed.  But new infrastructure projects should strengthen, not undermine, sustainable development.

G20 - Opportunities for Civil Society Input

For the first time in the history of the G20, it appears there is a formal process for civil society to provide inputs before decisions are taken. Previous meetings with sherpas have tended to be at the conclusion of one of their preparatory meetings.

GCAP and its constituents have been actively engaged in G8 and G20 processes, from pressing for more inclusive representation to advocating for better outcomes.

Russia is the chair of the 2013 G20 and the leaders' summit will be on 5 - 6 September in St. Petersburg. 

Here are several documents - some in draft form - prepared by civil society activists:

Political Updates on the Robin Hood Tax

This update come to us from OxfamGB, offering comprehensive political updates on the Robin Hood Tax and an outlook for 2012.

Release: Whose History is Going to Be Written in Cannes?

G20 countries claim that history is to be written in Cannes, but we ask: “Whose history is going to be written in Cannes?”