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Ending Poverty through Peace and Human Security: A View from the Arab Region

Over the past decade, many countries in the Arab Region have experienced good economic growth rates and some have even posted positive indicators for health, education and decreasing poverty. But key issues - inequality, jobs for our youth, peace and human security - are not being addressed. If we are to truly end poverty, it is imperative that the Post 2015 agenda include clear commitments on these issues, writes Ziad Abdel Samad.

Marta Benavides: My Reflections on Peace and the Passing of Wangari Maathai, A Dear Friend

I write this letter as I reflect on the work ahead and Sept 21st, International Day of Peace understanding that many people around the world are working to figure out what must be done, what must be lived for the enjoyment of peace.
Peace for many of us around the world is real development; that is, to live in a healthy planet, and to have all human needs met for all of us in today’s generation and for the generations to come, to the seventh generation, and beyond.

Washington Peace Letter Features GCAP Global Council Co-Chair, Marta Benavides

The Washington Peace Center presents their latest Peace Letter issue titled the "20 Years of the U.S. in Iraq" featuring an article by GCAP Global Council Co-Chair, Marta Benavides:


In pursuit of peace

I was away attending the Second Global Forum on the Power of Peace, I mentioned at work today. ‘Power of peace… I thought it was spam,’ a colleague remarked referring to a mail she had got on the same.A similar thought was shared at the forum last week. People do mistrust ‘peace’ or ‘unity’ messages as bugs ready to spam their inbox. In a world ridden with conflicts of all nature, isn't it ironic the way our minds function?



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I am standing up this weekend.......

Hear what GCAP campaigners around the world are planning to do this weekend to be counted as part of the mass mobilisation Stand Up.