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Eliminate "Obscene Inequality", GCAP Co-chair Amitabh Behar tells UN

World leaders must address "the current context of obscene inequality" if we are to truly eliminate poverty and create a life of dignity for all, as promised in recent reports by the UN Secretary-General and his High-Level Panel on Post-2015.

This was the key message of GCAP co-chair Amitabh Behar as he addressed the United Nations General Assembly during a 'special event' on the Millennium Development Goals organised by UNGA President John Ashe.

"We have enough for everybody's need, but not for everybody's greed," Behar told UN leaders, while making a reference to a famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi.

This is a video of the entire UN Roundtable session. 
To watch Amitabh Behar's presentation, go to 2hr 39min 45sec into the stream.

Post-MDG Intel and Updates From CAFOD

This is a blog post from Serpents and Doves, the CAFOD Policy team blog providing some great succinct insigh

Release: GCAP Africa Calls for an International Debt Court

As the members of the G20 prepare to meet in France in November for their Summit, the civil society organisations that comprise GCAP Africa entreat world leaders to endorse the creation of an International Debt Court (IDC) within the organs of the United Nations. 

MDG Gap Report Released

One year ago world leaders met at the United Nations 65th meeting of the General Assembly. The main points of discussion during these sessions centered around the Millenium Development Goals, updates on their progress and a reinvigorated pledge striving for ways to achieve these goals.

Think Bigger And Beyond the Horizon of 2015, Says UN Secretary General

September 22, 2011

Ban Ki Moon addressed the United Nations General Assembly today in New York as world leaders, diplomats and civil society gather this week at the UN.

GCAP Global Co-Chair, Amitabh Behar at the UN General Assembly Development Dialogue

GCAP Global Council Co-Chair, Amitabh Behar, spoke on behalf of GCAP in the UN General Assembly Development Dialogue on  "Advancing the UN Agenda Beyond 2015"