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A Snapshot of the World We Want Report

2010 was a milestone in the fight against poverty and inequality, and for The World We Want. With the deadline to meet the Millennium Development Goals rapidly approaching amidst multiple crises of finance, fuel, food, and climate, we can no longer afford a business as usual approach.

The world is now facing some of its greatest challenges, and the face of poverty is changing rapidly. With over 200 million people out of a job, unemployment is at the highest rate in modern memory. With the world reeling from a deepening, rather than receding financial crisis, inequality is growing at unprecedented rates. Shocks in the capitalist system, caused by the wealthy, are felt in decreased food security by the poorest of the poor. A majority of people living in poverty are now living in middle income countries, changing the way we think about aid. Democratic space is being increasingly constricted, with laws restricting freedom of association increasingly threatening human rights activists. 

GCAP's the World We Want Report is a reflection of the messages people sent to world leaders this year. It looks both at how civil society across the world sees the dramatic changes in global context, and what actions people are taking against poverty and inequality.

The full report will be avaiable online on October 11th and we will launch the report in conjunction with the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. Events are being planned around the world to mark this day and If you or your organization is planning an event please tell us about it by visiting this link and filling out the form.

If you would like a full version of the report before it is publicly launched, please email Caitlin Blaser at:


For now, here is the first of a series of snapshots from the upcoming report. This glance comes from a campaign we launched to protect the rights of migrant workers.

The Campaign to Protect Migrant Worker’s Rights

This year, we launched a Photo Collection Campaign to raise public awareness about migrant worker’s rights and the challenges they face right now. We asked migrant workers to write down one sentence they want to say to the cities where they work but they don’t belong to. 

This girl said, “I don’t want to move house again. I felt too much pressure.”

Background information: The photo was taken in a suburb of Beijing. Since migrant workers can’t afford the high rent in urban area, they have to live in suburbs. But because of urbanization, the houses they rent have to be demolished and they have to move again and again due to the pace of urbanization. 

The man said “I want to have a booth in the city and don’t want to be driven by urban management officers (ChengGuan) anymore. I only want to make a living.”

Background information: The photo was taken in the “house” he rents and lives. He works as peddler to sell vegetables and fruit on the street since he can’t afford the rent of a booth in city. But municipal administration believes peddlers’ behavior and business are not good for city’s image. Therefore, he is often driven out by urban management officers (ChengGuan). Sometimes, the peddler’s goods and vehicles are confiscated as well.

October 17th will be marked by photo exhibitions in public places to raise public awareness and draw attention to the challenges migrant workers are facing. 

Check back for more snapshots as we lead up to the launch of the World We Want Report next week.