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Argentina Tribunal

Event Date: October 11
City: Resistencia, Chaco
Coordinator: Daniela Jaschek
Contact Information: djaschek(at)gmail.com


 "We must change the large-scale agricultural production model, which causes pollution and employs only a few people. That is what summits like Durban are for" 

Rural and indigenous women in northern Argentina, hit hard by the expanding agricultural frontier, deforestation and the spraying of toxic pesticides, spoke out about their problems and set forth proposals for discussion at the next global summit on climate change. They did so at the Women’s Hearing on Gender and Climate Justice 2011-Argentina, held Tuesday Oct. 11 in Resistencia, the capital of Chaco province, 950 km north of Buenos Aires, attended by representatives of organisations from the northern 10 of the country's 23 provinces. 

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