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Democratic Republic of Congo Tribunal

Event Date: October 17
City: Kamitgua
Coordinator: Lutte Nationale Contre La Pauvrete (Lunacop)

DR Congo shelters 60% of the global of forests of the Congo basin. Millions of Congolese (or 60 millions that make the population of DR Congo) depend on forest for their cultural and physical living. According to FAO, the rate of deforestation in DR Congo was of about 0.6% in 1997 and of 0.3% in 2006. In the East of DR Congo, more precisely in the mining city of Kamituga in South Kivu Province, mining has greatly contributed to deforestation – depleting the forest cover and diminishing the agricultural productivity of the region due to erosion of soil. Women walk long distances in search of fertile grounds, cultivable space or firewood.

The Women’s Hearing provides an opportunity for rural women to call out to local and world leaders on the danger that climate change presents in their area, while also showing that they are not merely victims but also key to the agenda in search of solutions to climate attenuation and adaptation. The Hearing will take place on 17 October in Kamitgua, DRC.