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Event Date: November 14
City: Nagpur
“In several regions, women have changed traditional practices related to agriculture or the management of natural resources but these efforts have not been recorded or acknowledged from a scientific or policy viewpoint.”

In India, a National Action Plan (NAP) on Climate Change has been designed and several states have also proposed State Action Plans aimed at dealing with the impacts of climate change. These plans are yet to be analysed with respect to the provision of sustainable alternatives for the most vulnerable communities who depend on forests, water bodies and agriculture land as their main livelihood and resource, including rural and tribal communities and most especially women who are directly involved with the management and use of natural resources in their daily lives.

The Women’s Hearing on Gender and Climate Justice aims to identify and document grassroots alternatives of climate adaptation that could be shared at a national level, alongside a gender review of the National and 04 State Action Plans on Climate Change. The national hearing will be held in Nagpur, India on 14 November 2011. 

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