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Event Date: October 16
City: Choma, Chongwe and Chibombo Districts
Coordinator: Dennis Nyati
Contact Information: dennisnyatimdg(at)yahoo.com
“Governments must establish gender sensitive benchmarks and indicators, as well as practical tools to ensure that women are integral to their policies and action plans on climate change.”

In the rural areas of Zambia, communities are highly dependent on biomass for their energy and livelihoods. However in the face of climate change, their ability to procure this indispensable resource is reduced. The declining biodiversity does not only cripple the material welfare and livelihood of people, it also cripples access to security, resilience, social relations, health and freedom of choices and action.

Interventions to cope with these changes among women in Zambia include water management and growing of crops that are drought and flood tolerant, such as rice grown in the Zambezi plains. The Women’s Hearing in Zambia will be held on Sunday, 16 October and focus on identifying women’s solutions to climate change in Choma, Chongwe and Chibombo districts. It will aim to bring the innovations that women are leading in their communities to the attention of the Zambian government.

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