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Another Snapshot of the World We Want Report

In conjunction with the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on October 17th, GCAP will be launching the World We Want Report. This report is a reflection of responses and messages that civil society and citizens have sent to world leaders this year. Below is another snapshot of the work that will be available in the full report.

If you would like a full version of the report before it is publicly launched, please email Caitlin Blaser at:


This snapshot of the report details the GCAP Consulting Centre, which is a health care project in Russia.

Tatyana Kuznetsova, 60, and mother of 5 is from Nizhniy Novgorod, a city in Russia where Volga and Oka rivers meet. She is a role model within Global Call to Action Against Poverty coalition. Tatyana is famous for being one of the most active participants within GCAP in the Volga region, and one of the first beneficiaries of the GCAP consulting centre. But her sparking personality and endless passion for life, belie the path she has taken to reach here.

Three years ago Tatyana was in a severe car accident, and miraculously she survived. Her association with the centre began eleven years ago, when her family moved from their rural home to the bustling city of Nizhniy Novgorod. Struggling to survive on their low income and unable to afford medical help, they had no choice but to move from their family home to help their daughter. For several years in Nizhniy Novgorod they could barely make both ends meet.  Thanks to GCAP consulting centre, Nastya now receives free medical help.

“In Russia everybody must have an official residential registration in his/her place of living. Nastya was not registered in Nizhniy and that is why she had to pay for all services in the municipal clinic,” recalls Tatyana.  “I now know that this was a direct violation of the law. Nastya had the right to free medical help as a policy holder of obligatory medical insurance.”

Today, the GCAP consulting centre has more than 100 clients and is a haven for those seeking support, particularly disabled people who often face barriers in accessing free medical care. Tatyana shares her knowledge and information with those in need. Despite the long queues during visiting hours, every single client gets attention they deserve.

For Tatyana GCAP’s Healthcare Project is an opportunity to both receive free legal consultation and be an active experienced participant – she is now a board member a self governance Committee in one the Nizhniy Novgorod districts.

She explained, “GCAP Russia is a part of a huge world movement, and we are very proud to be part of it. GCAP gives us a lot of opportunities, which we would not get on our own. For example, if I asked the social protection office to provide me with a list of disabled people who are in need of targeted social assistance, I would probably be refused. With the help of GCAP we receive the list faster.”